Annual staff party

South Kensington, London

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This is an annual staff event to celebrate the dedication of the employees over the year. The brief was to come up with a unique and fun venue, with interesting things to look at and something a little out of the ordinary, for 350 guests. The Science Museum was the perfect fit. The venue provided guests with a very special experience as they had the museum all to themselves for the night! The turnaround is quick here, once the museum closed its doors to members of the public, our team swept in, transforming the Making the Modern World gallery into the perfect dining and party space.

Our highly skilled production team set to work straight away, installing the very latest in lighting and production to transform the gallery space. It was all done within an hour and we were ready to go.

Guests entered the venue and enjoyed Champagne in the Space Gallery before moving through to the main party space, where they took their seats for dinner and an evening to remember.


The Science Museum
South Kensington, London

what they thought

'What a party! Vivid Minds always go above and beyond to ensure our event goes without a hitch. Their personal, hands on approach is what we love the best and we look forward to working with them again next year!'